We all know the true pillars and foundations of this community started with the brothers and sisters that founded the Islamic Association of Cincinnati in 1969. They have dedicated 40 plus years of their lives to building this organization, and have graciously entrusted these spiritual leaders to continue to spread the dream that is the Clifton Mosque.


Shaykh Ismaeel Chartier, Imam

Imam Ismaeel Chartier is the spiritual leader of our Clifton community. He established Clifton Mosque as an archetypal Muslim community locally, nationally, and internationally. Under his leadership, we have accomplished many things, including: the largest, single, one-time donation to the Freestore Foodbank, created the Sacred Table Interfaith Luncheon Series, received declaration from the City of Cincinnati declaring Anti-Islamophobia, and has changed the opinion of the masses about Muslims in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

He has also established weekly lessons and multiple weekend seminars including: Misquoting God, Practical Rumi, and the Metaphysics of Prayer. He has made fundamental strides in engaging the other and creating new opportunities to explore interfaith within Cincinnati.

Imam Ismaeel would love to see all of the Muslims in Cincinnati working to make our community, our city, and our country a better place to live. Imam Ismaeel is building a theological seminary in Cincinnati.


Shaykh Abdallah Deeb, Qari

Shaykh Abdallah leads the prayers and teaches Quran at the Clifton Mosque. We are excited for the future of our community as Shaykh Abdallah is the missing piece to us having a successful Quran program.

Shaykh Abdallah Deeb, an Imam of 15 years in Florida, graduated from Abu Nour Institute in Syria, and currently holds one of the highest ijazas in the world for teaching Quran, as well as having studied under some of the world’s most prestigious scholars for over 15 years in Syria.

He became a world renowned Qari' at the age of 18, and was licensed in Quran by Shaykh Muhammad Sukkar who held the highest ijaza in the world before he passed (rahimahullah).

He migrated to the U.S. in 1999, working as an Imam and Quran teacher in various major cities.