Volunteer Committees

The Islamic Association of Cincinnati has 13 volunteer committes that breaks down the workload of the organization. Listed below are the general missions for each committee.

If you are interested in volunteering, please follow the link below to join a committee. 


If you have great ideas and would like to share your ideas with us, please fill out the form at the link below and InshaAllah we will turn your ideas into reality!




Capital Improvements/Planning

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The Capital Improvements Committee/Planning works on major projects on the masjid property.

Chair of Committee:

Dr. Muhammad Shamma


Youth Committee

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Our mission is to provide relevant presentations and discussions on topics that affect Muslim youth of the Cincinnati area and to provide social activities they enjoy in a safe, Islamic environment to help our youth cope in a positive way with their dual identity of being both Muslims and Americans, help them build a positive self- image, and provide them with mentors from within the community who can support them.

Chairs of Committee:

Imam Ismaeel Chartier


Education Committee

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The mission of the Education Committee is to increase the knowledge of the community through a variety of educational activities.

The education committee has plans to continue to support weekly education classes held by Imam Ismaeel.  In addition to that, we will plan weekend workshops with topics including health, prayer, dhikr, philosophy and Islamic finance.  We will also schedule shorter social/educational events centered around Islamic art, architecture and poetry.  We will inshallah continue zakat workshop as well as daily classes during Ramadan. Finally we would like to have at least one external speaker tbd from outside of Cincinnati.  

Chair of Committee:

Samir Chandiwala


Membership Committee

The mission for the Membership Committee is to assemble the members of the membership committee to organize the membership lists and hold membership drives to increase the IAC membership. We also plan to educate the community about the benefits to becoming a member of the Clifton Mosque. 

Chair of Committee:

 Ruwaiyda Shakir



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The mission of the Outreach Committee is to develop the Islamic Association of Cincinnati (IAC) as a valued member of the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Community, as well as have it nationally known for its Outreach Programs, while supporting a short-term 18-month Action Plan, and the longer-term Two, Five, and 10-year Journey Map.  Inshallah

Chair of Committee:

Imam Ismaeel Chartier


Communication Committee

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The mission of the Communications Committee is to advertise all of the events, classes, and services that the Islamic Association of Cincinnati offers to the community in as many ways as possible to reach people. Creating buzz and hype around events and classes will increase attendance and build unity and brotherhood/sisterhood between the members of our community, as well as building bridges into the surrounding Cincinnati communities. 

Chair of Committee:

Jennifer Chartier


Islamic Weekend School of Clifton

The mission of the Islamic Weekend School is to teach young generations Arabic and how to read the Quran.   We strive to build a strong relationship between the students and the mosque; teaching them how to apply Islam in their daily lives. Our goal is to strengthen the relationship and love among students and create an Islamic atmosphere among different nationalities.

The school year starts in the second week of September and ends at the end of May every year.  Each year, we hope to enroll more students and improve the curriculum.

Chair of Committee:

Dr. Sherif Zihni


Social Events Committee

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Mission of the activities committee is to offer activities that would foster closer bonding, understanding, interconnection, appreciation for our cultural diversity, and community building.  Our goal is to coordinate enjoyable and rewarding activities, programs, and services for our brothers and sisters in faith, to fostering good relations between and among us. In doing so we are hoping to please our Creator, increase our spiritual light, build tolerance and love among us.

Chair of Committee:

Aida Zvekic


Social Service Committee

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The mission of the Social Service Committee is to provide  ongoing Financial Assistance to Families in Need (Food/Rent/Utilities/furniture; ongoing visit to the sick and the elderly at their (nursing) homes; ongoing Funeral and burial arrangements for deceased community Members; ongoing enrollment of Community Members in Health Insurance and through Ohio Benefit Bank Programs; ongoing Annual Free Health Check by Volunteer Doctors and Nurses; ongoing Free Foodbank for Community members in the Lower Level; ongoing Friday (Senior) Tea Time after Juma’a in the Lower Level;  Resume Writing Assistance; Collaboration with Cincinnati Public Schools for better Communication with Muslim families.

Chair of Committee:

Najla Abdullah


Fundraising Committee

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The mission of the Fundraising Committee is to set the goals of raising funds for the mosque, and achieve these goals.

Chair of Committee:


Public Relations Committee 

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The goal of the public relations committee for 2017 is to train all board members and committee chairs who may need to speak to the media so that they are properly prepared to do so. We handle all incoming requests for interviews from the media and delegate to trained and designated individuals within the organization.

Chair of Committee:

Karen Dabdoub

Maintenance Committee

The goal of the maintenance committee is to take care of maintenance issues on the property and in the masjid.

Chair of Committee:

Rashad Abdullah