Join us for Jumu’ah prayer every Friday from 1:30-2:00 PM for the 1st service, or 2:30- 2:50pm for the 2nd service. The khutba is led by Imam Ismaeel.

Livestreaming for the Friday Khutbah can be found under the "LIVE" tab, or on our YouTube Page

Nikah/Islamic Marriage

IAC performs Islamic Marriages with a marriage license from the state of Ohio.

Requirements for Marriages done by the Imam @ Clifton Mosque:

* Marriage License from the State of Ohio

* $250 fee

* 1 marriage counseling session with Imam Ismaeel

* 2 male witnesses

Please see the link for rules and regulations involved with marriages at IAC. Marriages at IAC

Please contact the office for more info: or schedule online


If you want to get an Islamic divorce, you must obtain a divorce decree from the court before contacting the Islamic Association of Cincinnati. 

For questions about divorce, email

Janaza/Funeral Preparation

We offer assistance with funeral preparation and burial through the Schaefer and Busby funeral home in Cincinnati. Please contact the office for more information. 

If you need assistance with preparations outside of office hours, please contact the Schaefer and Busby funeral homedirectly at (513) 241-0932.

Islamic Will

Find Islamic Will form at the link below:

Islamic Will