Religious Services

Join us for Jumu’ah prayer every Friday at 12:50pm or 1:50pm (depending on Daylight Savings Time). The khutba is led by Imam Ismaeel.

Livestreaming for the Friday Khutbah can be found under the "LIVE" tab, or on our YouTube Page

Nikah/Islamic Marriage
IAC performs Islamic Marriages with a marriage license from the state of Ohio.

Please see the link for rules and regulations involved with marriages at IAC. Marriages at IAC

Please contact the office to schedule an appointment.

If you want to get an Islamic divorce, you must obtain a divorce decree from the court before contacting the Islamic Association of Cincinnati. 

Janaza/Funeral Preparation
We offer assistance with funeral preparation and burial through the Schaefer and Busby funeral home in Cincinnati. Please contact the office for more information.

If you need assistance with preparations outside of office hours, please contact the Schaefer and Busby funeral home directly at (513) 241-0932.

Islamic Will

Islamic Will

We welcome visitors, neighbors, student groups and other guests to tour the mosque and meet our community. 

If this is your first time visiting a mosque, please read the etiquettes of visiting a mosque so you and your group know what to expect.

Mosque Tour Request Form
Etiquettes of Visiting a Mosque

To request a date for a tour or a speaker, please contact us at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. 

We have a weekend Islamic School program, for children that runs throughout the school year. For more information about our classes, please visit the Classes Calendar.

The IAC hosts courses and lectures for youth, adults, new Muslims, and for the community.  Upcoming lectures, and classes can be found on the Classes Calendar.

Tajweed/Quran Memorization The Clifton Mosque is offering FREE Tajweed and Quran Memorization with Shaykh Mahmoud for men, women, and children. Youth Quran is Monday thru Thursday 4-9 PM.  Register Youth Here



Community Services

Domestic Violence Support

Family Counseling
Please contact the Islamic Association of Cincinnati @ 513-221-4003 to set up a meeting.

Family Assistance 
We provide family assistance to those in need.

Applications can be found at the link below or in the lobby of the Men's and Women's Prayer Hall.

Once the form in filled out, place it in an envelope and leave it in the space below the blank forms in the lobby. Social Services will call you once the form is received. After filling out the application, you can come meet Dr. Alvi on Wednesdays and Sundays after Dhuhr Prayer.

 Family Assistance Form

Disclaimer: Anyone who purposely tried to defraud the Clifton Mosque or the Family Assistance Committee will not be allowed to receive Financial Assistance for 1 calendar year.

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry provides 3 days of emergency food relief to families of all sizes. Hours of service are Fridays from 1:30-4:00pm.

To schedule an emergency visit to our food pantry, please call our administrator at 513-221-4003.

Food Assistance Form

Kroger Rewards and Amazon Smile

Give back to Clifton Mosque while you shop.

Hall Rental

If you are interested in renting the Lower Level Hall at the Clifton Mosque for an event or wedding, please fill out the form below and contact our administrator. 

Hall Rental Form


Every Friday after Jummah, we invite local vendors to come sell their products to our community.

If you are interested in being a vendor who sells at the Clifton Mosque, please fill out the form below and return to the administrative director.

Vendor Application

We are offering FREE CRC passes to all of our youth. 

If you are interested in registering your children for the Free CRC passes, email fill out the form below and email it to or look for our Administrative Director at jummah.

CRC Registration Form