Cincinnati Congregations Plan to Shelter Undocumented Immigrants

Undeterred and unafraid, several local congregations went public Wednesday with a Cincinnati Sanctuary Network plan.


They indicated a readiness to shelter and support undocumented immigrants if the need arises. 

They've researched potential legal ramifications and stated they're willing to put their own freedom at risk in order to safeguard the freedom of others. 

So far, no one has approached them about it, but they said a proactive approach is needed given the way the tone towards immigrants has developed in recent months. 

A 19th century building directly next to the Clifton mosque would be one of the sanctuary spots. 

Imam Ismaeel Chartier said there are enough rooms and facilities there to accommodate at least 15 people. 

So far, the new sanctuary network has five congregations officially on board with the effort. 

The Clifton Mosque and Christ Church Cathedral in downtown would provide shelter for undocumented immigrants. 

Temple Sholom, University Christian Church and Clifton United Methodist would provide support. 

Twenty other faith-based institutions are in the process of deciding if they'll add to that list.