We all know the true pillars and foundations of this community started with the brothers and sisters that founded the Islamic Association of Cincinnati in 1969. They have dedicated 40 plus years of their lives to building this organization, and have graciously entrusted these employees to continue to spread the dream that is the Clifton Mosque.


Jason Brima - Office Manager

Jason Brima took his shahada 7 years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio where he was born and raised. As an American convert he strives to be a better Muslim each day and has linked volunteering at the masjid as a direct way to help serve the community, and to achieve closeness to Allah. His dedication to being a better Muslim has resulted in being a better husband, son and father to his family. Jason has been an active community member of the Clifton Mosque in the course of recent years. This past Ramadan he volunteered with other members of the community to help break the fast of brothers and sisters by serving food at the nightly iftars. Over the past 3 years he took on the responsibility of overseeing the food pantry, which provides emergency food and other things like toiletries, detergents, personal items and diapers for those in need. Jason has also served on the social service and education committee where he promotes individual, family and community well-being at the Clifton Mosque. Jason hopes to continue to serve the community in his new role as the office manager.

Professionally, Jason has many years of managerial experience in the mental health care industry. Academically, Jason has earned a certificate in human services in addition to an associates degree in both marketing management and business management. Currently, Jason is in his final semester of college for his bachelors degree in accounting and finance, InshaAllah.

Jason is excited, humbled and honored to have another opportunity to serve the community, and he kindly ask for your duas that Allah allows him to do his job with excellence and serve in the best possible manner.

Eman Mahmoud - IWSC Principal

Eman was born and educated in Egypt. She earned her bachelors degree in business administration in 2004, her diploma in non-profit organization management in 2009, and she has had some courses in creative teaching, customer service and tajweed in Shikh Salah Bukhater organizations. She has lived in UAE and she moved to Cincinnati 3 years ago. She has work experience in the Telecom Company, and she has taught as a teacher and worked in administration in schools. Sister Eman currently runs the “Arabic for Kids” Program that is offered at the Clifton Mosque; a program that teaches kids of all ages the Arabic Language by blending traditional and Montessori teaching techniques.

Sister Eman believes that our responsibility towards our children is to teach them to love the deen and give them the tools they need to live Islam in their daily lives as they mature into adulthood. She believes that all the children can learn much better if we listen to them and follow the way that they learn the best.

Valerie Gunn - Housekeeping

Sister Valerie Gunn is a long time member of the Clifton Mosque Community. She is a dedicated and beloved member of our community. She has joined our team to help keep the House of Allah clean and tidy.

Her contributions are truly too extensive to list here. We are indebted to her for her hard work and effort, and are blessed to have her in our community.


Jennifer Chartier - Communications
Jennifer is in charge of our communications. This includes the advertising for programming, newsletters, and social media. She is a revert to Islam and the wife of Imam Ismaeel.  Prior to her position at the Clifton Mosque, she worked for many years in a managerial role. She has years of experience with Whole Foods Market as a Grocery Manager. She has a bachelors degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

She enjoys working with people and likes helping to build community. She strives to streamline information to the community for all events and classes that are taking place at the mosque, so community members can easily access information and take full advantage of everything that the Clifton Mosque has to offer. Jennifer is looking forward to serving the community in her capacity.