We all know the true pillars and foundations of this community started with the brothers and sisters that founded the Islamic Association of Cincinnati in 1969. They have dedicated 40 plus years of their lives to building this organization, and have graciously entrusted these employees to continue to spread the dream that is the Clifton Mosque.


Valerie Gunn

Sister Valerie Gunn is a long time member of the Clifton Mosque Community. She is a dedicated and beloved member of our community. She has joined our team to help keep the House of Allah clean and tidy.

Her contributions are truly too extensive to list here. We are indebted to her for her hard work and effort, and are blessed to have her in our community.


Jennifer Chartier
Administrative Director
Jennifer is our Administrative Director and a revert to Islam. She is the wife of Imam Ismaeel.  

She enjoys working with people and likes helping to build community. Jennifer is looking forward to serving the community in her capacity as Administrative Director.