The Clifton Mosque offers iftar dinner every day after maghrib prayer during the month of Ramadan, and taraweh prayers every evening after isha prayer.

Daily Iftar
We break the fast together as a community every day during the month of Ramadan. The dinners are sponsored by members of our community.

Taraweh Prayer
Shaykh Mahmoud leads Taraweh prayer after Isha prayer during the month of Ramadan.

The Last Ten Nights


Sponsor an Iftar

For a list of vendors, click here or see Brother Ibrahim Amidou or email info@cliftonmosque.org

Please speak to Brother Ibrahim Amidou, Dr. Serry Hassan, or Imam Ismaeel to learn more about the sponsorship options.

Ramadan 2017 Shopping List
We strive to make our Ramadan as green as possible.

Interested in making a monetary donation towards the purchase of supplies for the month of Ramadan? Click here to make a contribution.



The Clifton Mosque offers a Children's Enrichment Program for children from the ages of 4-14 in the house next to the mosque during the first 8 rakats of the taraweh prayer.

Spaces are limited for the Children's Enrichment Program.  Please register your children for this program.  Follow the link to the Child Enrichment Form HERE.

Scholarships are available, IAC is also looking for sponsors.

There is a prayer room for mothers with babies and toddlers in the classrooms of the Lower Level Hall where mothers with toddlers and babies can pray taraweeh each night.



Interested in volunteering opportunities at the Clifton Mosque during the month of Ramadan? Click here for more information.

Volunteers are needed for the nightly Iftar services for set-up, service of food, and clean-up.