The Clifton Mosque offers an array of educational programs through out the month of Ramadan, as well as iftar dinner on sponsored nights after maghrib prayer, and Taraweh Prayer every evening after isha prayer.

Taraweh Prayer
Shaykh Mahmoud leads Taraweh prayer after Isha prayer during the month of Ramadan. Taraweh Prayer begins immediately after Isha Prayer. We pray 20 rakats for Taraweh.

For mothers with children under the age of 3, there is a Nursery Area in the Lower Level Hall where the infants and toddlers can rest/play while the mothers pray with the live streamed prayer.

Sponsor an Iftar

We have broken the fast together as a community every night during the month of Ramadan since 1969, and we plan to continue with this tradition again in 2018, inshaAllah. We need your help as iftars are sponsored by members of our community, alhamdulillah.

If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring an Iftar Dinner, the different types of Iftar Sponsorships we offer, and requirements of the sponsor, please visit www.cliftonmosque.org/iftar/.

If you just want to sponsor an evening and not worry about any of the arrangements, just let us know and we will inshaAllah take care of your arrangements.

You can also email admin@cliftonmosque.org to find out more about how to sponsor an Iftar.

All donations towards Iftar Dinners are tax deductible.

Green Deen Ramadan

We strive to be as environmentally conscious with each Iftar dinner we offer.  We avoid all styrofoam products. 

This year we are making the commitment to eliminate single use plastic bottles, inshaAllah.

You can make a donation at www.cliftonmosque.org/greenramadan/

All donations towards the Green Ramadan are tax deductible.

The Last Ten Nights



Interested in volunteering opportunities at the Clifton Mosque during the month of Ramadan? Click here for more information.

Volunteers are needed for the nightly Iftar services for set-up, service of food, and clean-up.