Weekly Activities

The Clifton Mosque offers several different activities and classes each week. 


Weekly Classes

Weekly Classes do not take place during the month of Ramadan. Please see the Ramadan Educational Schedule.

Friday Night Lecture with Imam Ismaeel

Clifton Mosque offers a youth class at 7:00 PM. Imam Ismaeel will be teaching them "The Story of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)". This will take place in the Men's Prayer Hall Lobby.

The Friday Night Class starts at 8 PM in the Men's Prayer Hall Lobby. Imam Ismaeel will be teaching "The Secret of Love in Allah", how to cultivate love between Allah and His creation.  This class will be live-streamed.


Arabic for Beginners

Join us for Arabic for beginners, new level 1 session will begin after Ramadan 2018, inshaAllah.

This class will meet weekly in the Board Room with Ustadh Ahmed Zayd.


ESL and Life Skills

Join Sara Haas from WIN as she teaches ESL and Life Skills.  This is a free class and meets weekly in the lower level hall.

Quran & Tajweed with Shaykh Mahmoud

Shaykh Mahmoud offers Tajweed classes for men and women every Saturday in the Board Room.

The men's class is from 10-11 AM.

The women's class is from 11 AM-1 PM.


Youth Tajweed

Shaykh Mahmoud offers Tajweed for Youth on Mondays thru Thursdays.  

There is a small hourly fee for these lessons.

Register online for this program here.


Preschool Story Circle

The Clifton Mosque has partnered with the Noor ul-Islam to offer Preschool Story Circle. The Preschool Story Circle takes place during the school year. There is no summer session.

During preschool story circle, kids 3-4 years old will read story books, play games, do crafts, sing nasheeds, learn Arabic and Quran.

This program meets every Monday and Wednesday from 12-1 PM in the Lower Level Hall. Email cliftonmosquehomeschool@gmail.com for more information.


Weekly Activities

Tea Time 

Every Friday after Jumah prayer, the Clifton Mosque offers tea time. Join us in the Lower Level Hall for tea, a slice of cake, and get to know the members of our community.

There is no Tea Time during the month of Ramadan.

During the tea time, there is a kids corner, where kids can come for a snack. Please bring your children to the kids corner before you go to enjoy your tea!


Youth Mentoring

Clifton Mosque is proud to offer a youth Mentoring Program by IYDE. 

This program meets every Sunday from 1-3 PM. Youth are partnered with trained mentors.

If you are interested in more information, please email riyad@iyde.org